Gartnerite Memories

Stan Dale Grows Conference 600% In One Year!

  Stan Dale had just joined Gartner Group in sales, the summer of 1983.  His territory was New England and shortly thereafter Bell Canada was added to his accounts. The following spring he and his associates decided to do some prospecting seminars in Canada – Bell Canada was then Gartner’s only Canadian account and they were receiving only one service, Telecom (STS).  It was...

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Peggy Pedwano: Culture Breeds Pride

Peggy Pedwano was one of our most reliable and enthusiastic administrators, which is saying much given the strength of our admin, which was crucial in delivering client service. Her fondest memories of Gartner are the earliest days of everyone working together whether typing up greensheets (on IBM Selectric typewriters!), to stuffing binders, to prepare and enjoy “Gartner Gatherings”, and...

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