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IT Advisories Part I: Information vs. Knowledge

The two largest sell-side firms in our space, Gartner and Forrester (G&F), have been open about their policies of annual 5-7% price increases, plus no client discounts, plus other similar policies, perhaps assuming that the economy will thrive and that clients will not care about 5% here and there. This new policy hints at the possibility that G&F live with each other peacefully, and are...

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Advisory Industry Future Redesign: The “Payment” Model

Some day the Advisory Industry may look different than today, and an example of what’s possible may be the manner in which vendor and user clients compensate their Advisory providers. It seems worthwhile for segments of our industry to study this alternative compensation model, as it has been implemented successfully in the Wall Street Research space over many decades, being both useful...

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Gartner Innovation: Conferences

The area of conferences was one which I continued to get deeply involved with throughout my Gartner career.  I’ll recount one example of many which does not address the design of conference/expositions, but the maximization of potential usefulness of such events to the clients of Advisories. CeBIT was and is the world’s largest computer exposition, and I decided that we should not only...

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