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Gartner Innovation During Its Formative Years

During the 1960′s at IBM and 1970′s on Wall Street, I was a subscriber or reader of research from several firms which were predecessors to the current Advisory Industry. The firms included IDC, Computer Intelligence, Dataquest, Yankee and Input. While on Wall Street, I joined the IBM user groups “Share” and “Guide”, The CCIA (Computer and Communications Industry...

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Entrepreneurial Case Study From My Wall Street Days

There could be no logical basis for thinking I would be successful on Wall Street. I had no financial experience whatsoever, and was hired by E.F. Hutton because of my IBM experience where I analyzed IBM’s competition. I was lucky that soon after I was hired, IBM announced its Copier 1, and people wondered whether this might impact Xerox, one of the “nifty fifty”, the name for...

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