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IT Advisories Part I: Information vs. Knowledge

The two largest sell-side firms in our space, Gartner and Forrester (G&F), have been open about their policies of annual 5-7% price increases, plus no client discounts, plus other similar policies, perhaps assuming that the economy will thrive and that clients will not care about 5% here and there. This new policy hints at the possibility that G&F live with each other peacefully, and are...

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Economy Lesson From Greece, After The Poor Japan Outlook

Again, I’m far from an economist, having taken just one economics course in my entire life. That does not mean that I cannot make judgments on others’ arguments. Especially when I’m dealing with a Nobel Prize winner in economics, Paul Krugman. My two prior posts, Inflation? and Is Japan Economy Precedent for U.S.? address inflation possibilities. We now have plenty of information to analyze...

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In the investing arena, I’m hooked on “The High Tech Strategist”, a monthly newsletter by Fred Hickey (The High Tech Strategist PO Box 3133 Nashua NH 03061-3133), which presents his personal insights on our economy. Note: Hickey is one of the few experts who participate annually (spread across three issues) in Barron’s Roundtable. He’s also a big fan of Gold. Allow...

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