Peggy Pedwano: Culture Breeds Pride

Peggy Pedwano was one of our most reliable and enthusiastic administrators, which is saying much given the strength of our admin, which was crucial in delivering client service.
Her fondest memories of Gartner are the earliest days of everyone working together whether typing up greensheets (on IBM Selectric typewriters!), to stuffing binders, to prepare and enjoy “Gartner Gatherings”, and executive’s generosity – “always rewarding us with great things”!

Peggy and others got to know one another really well, not just at work but also socially, with  families, spouses, better-halves and kids – a real family.

No matter what challenge I presented, admin worked together to get it done – no matter what time of day or night.

Whenever Peggy would be talking to people outside the office and they found out she worked at Gartner, she could see the envy in their eyes…. could ”see” them saying – “she works at Gartner” and she would say to heryself - Yup, that’s Gartner, the #1 company.  Peggy remembers taking the train, standing in the doorway because the train was packed with a bunch of people  just chatting, when someone asked her where she worked and when she told them Gartner, the train got silent – they wanted to hear what she had to say, giving Peggy a great feeling.

Peg has had several jobs since she left Gartner in 2003 and whenever people ask  about her past she tells them she was “raised” by Gartner.  “My work ethic,  commitment, loyalty, respect, teamwork and FUN were all passed onto me by my Gartner family”.

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