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In the investing arena, I’m hooked on “The High Tech Strategist”, a monthly newsletter by Fred Hickey (The High Tech Strategist PO Box 3133 Nashua NH 03061-3133), which presents his personal insights on our economy. Note: Hickey is one of the few experts who participate annually (spread across three issues) in Barron’s Roundtable. He’s also a big fan of Gold. Allow...

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The Crisis In Education: Quality and Quantity!

In 1991 the American Management Association (AMA) published a paper which I wrote, called “The Crisis in Education”. Of course, most of us are aware of this crisis today, but in my opinion, little if any progress has been made because the few improvements we have seen have been offset by deterioration elsewhere. Here is what I said then, more or less: Drastic overhaul of the US...

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