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Taking a Stand Against Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities

H.D.S. Greenway, in a Haaretz (Israel newspaper) article, claims without doubt that “sooner or later Iran will acquire the capability to build nuclear weapons”. But less than two weeks ago Defense Secretary Bates said the U.S. has no policy, even long range, for dealing with this, while Obama et al. say that Iran will not be allowed to succeed even after we’ve spent years of...

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Israel’s Success Dependent on Internal Unity and US Support

I can only assume that the Jerusalem Post’s editor-in-chief, David Horowitz, represents thinking of the current Israel Government in his Independence Day (4/19/10) editorial. In a subsequent post I’ll present the opposition’s position. These taken together absolutely astounded me, and I think this post and the following one in this section should be read sequentially. Horowitz...

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U.S. Nuclear Policy: Cause For Applause or Alarm?

President Obama is obtaining Kudo’s for his nuclear initiative with Russia. My instinct was to applaud, but sometimes it pays to keep thinking. Sure enough, some NYTimes letters-to-the-editors make one stop and think, especially when presumed Democrats (the majority of Time’s readers) turn skeptical. In the 4/8/10 Times, one letter (from A. Weitzner) pointed out that “to think that rogue...

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