Netanyahu’s Dilemma

In a Jerusalem Post article (, the poor relationship  between Israel’s Netanyahu and the leaders of France and the U.S. is discussed. In fact, Obama and Sarkozi  were caught unaware when a reporter’s microphone caught segments of a private chat where they essentially crucified  Israel’s prime minister.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu is  in a tough place because  his government is a coalition which includes Israel’s religious right party,  a very difficult group which operates dangerously in matters affecting Israel’s success and which barely contributes to the country’s economy.

Netanyahu seems responsive to Obama despite Israel’s right-wing;  he has announced acceptance of statehood for Palestinians who have declared almost a year’s moratorium on Israeli settlements in the West Bank, respecting our presidents concern. Obama never contacted Netanyahu before speaking publicly upon the pre-1967 borders together with territory swaps. Nevertheless, Netanyahu accepted Obama’s terms.

People blame Netanyahu  for allowing more settlement construction, but it has been mainly in neighborhoods where Palestine have agreed that they would eventually be a part of Israel. In fact, he told the Israeli cabinet that any outposts on the West Bank which the Israeli Supreme Court found illegal would be uprooted. In summary, he’s been attempting to compromise wherever possible, while many Israelis think he has gone too far.


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