Taking a Stand Against Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities

H.D.S. Greenway, in a Haaretz (Israel newspaper) article, claims without doubt that “sooner or later Iran will acquire the capability to build nuclear weapons”. But less than two weeks ago Defense Secretary Bates said the U.S. has no policy, even long range, for dealing with this, while Obama et al. say that Iran will not be allowed to succeed even after we’ve spent years of talking about strong sanctions, which there still are none. Whether the sanctions are sanctioned by the U.N. or not, the U.S. must take the lead and act. What is everyone waiting for?

Since Israel is by far the country most at risk given Iran’s direct threats, it would hopefully be consulted at some point about the expected effectiveness of certain sanctions.

It has been interesting to hear, here in Israel, that many do not believe Iran would ever attack it with nuclear weapons. Reasons include the inevitable nuclear response, but more interestingly the possibility that Jordan or  Lebanon and perhaps even Egypt could be hurt at their borders by a huge atom bomb, which might possibly have effects on the Meditteranean Sea as well!

Obama continues to use his long-term analysis/response approach in decision-critical  areas such as sending more troops into Afghanistan (a bad decision), health care (finally, a compromise), unemployment (still waiting), budget control (who knows when), and other badly needed commitments because he’s been all for “bi-partisan” cooperation. One would think that after being so cruelly treated recently by the Republican Party, bipartisanship would now go by the boards. Greenway says that there’s a chance of political change in Iran (we cannot count on that!), that Israel cannot afford another war against a Muslim country (even if it mirrors Al Queda?), that we do not need to to alienate the Shiite world (too late, they’re already alienated), and any Israeli pre-emptive attack “would be universally seen as as being in connivance with the United States”. So, “we must learn to live with with the Iranian bomb”, especially since Iran knows that Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons.

In my opinion Greenway’s best idea is that that we hope for Iran to accept a “virtual” nuclear power status, meaning that it has the capability but does not actually build a bomb, which would satisfy its national pride.


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