Israel’s Success Dependent on Internal Unity and US Support

I can only assume that the Jerusalem Post’s editor-in-chief, David Horowitz, represents thinking of the current Israel Government in his Independence Day (4/19/10) editorial. In a subsequent post I’ll present the opposition’s position. These taken together absolutely astounded me, and I think this post and the following one in this section should be read sequentially.

Horowitz named his analysis “62 [Israel's age], Under a US Cloud”. I’m writing my summary below in my own words, but true to Horowitz’ editorial.

The good news: Israel is in many respects on a high, given its prudent fiscal policies which allowed it to avoid the global economic crisis, and the softening of various rifts between elements of its society. The bad news includes corruption scandals and weakened internal cohesiveness (groups which resist integration). What bugs me and so many friends is Israel’s disfunctional electoral system which grants ridiculous power to small parties in its coalition government, which is formed through bargaining. But worse, is the Horowitz view of the new and “largely unexpected” relations with the U.S.

It’s really clear (certainly in my mind) that Israel supports a Palestinian state, but that it must be extremely wary of military threats (after all the Arab attacks since the State of Israel was established by the U.N. in 1948, plus the current hatred and rearming of Hezbollah and Hamas on Israel’s North and Southern borders), especially if new borders are defined arbitrarily or if a new construct results in new Arab refugees challenging Israel’s future safety. Thus, Horowitz points out that Israel needs the U.S. on its side.

Iran, which funds all of Israel’s surrounding enemies, has sworn to demolish Israel. But the U.S. has been soft as Iran’s progress towards an A bomb accelerates, and even if the U.S. refuses to use arms (there is still no US Military option) to eliminate the dangers, it must not press Israel (as Obama has suggested) to do likewise if absolutely necessary to survive. Still no sanctions. Israel needs U.S. cooperation here!

Latent antisemitism world-wide ends up appearing in U.N. documents, in diplomatic meetings, in the media, even in a “bizarre partnership of the radical Left and the fascist Right” in much of Western Europe and beyond, essentially affecting its right to survive.  Israel needs the U.S. to help counterbalance these trends.

After only one year in office, Obama has escalated one arguable event into a full-scale crisis which continues. He has contradicted the tone of prior administrations Jerusalem status, and publicly damaged the fundamental long standing alliance of the U.S. and Israel.  Despite what goes on in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama has said publicly that when America gets pulled in, it costs “blood and treasure”. All this ignores a long history of peaceful overtures by Israel to the Palestinians.

To fix the problem Israel must create unity within its government and Kadima (the party which was excluded in this government) must join the coalition. The U.S. must recognize Israel’s attempts to resolve the conflict without sacrificing its survival, and take into consideration that the Arab world does not resent Israel’s policies, but its very right to exist.


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